BELGIUM: Daikin’s R32 Bluevolution rooftop units have replaced an existing system and gas boiler at a plumbing and heating product showroom in Belgium.

Based in in Zaventem, Brussels, DESCO supplies both trade and private consumers from its 720m2 showroom. The old rooftop system used for cooling needed replacement. In looking for a new solution, the customer wanted to find a system that could also replace the gas boiler used for heating. DESCO sought a sustainable heat pump system to reduce the building carbon footprint while still being cost-effective.

Bumaco group, a long-term Belgian Daikin dealer, offered Daikin’s new rooftop series as well as smaller Sky Air DX heat pumps to provide cooling and heating to the back office areas.

High efficiency EC plug fans with a high ESP of up to 800Pa have allowed extensive ductwork to be incorporated into the installation to achieve a single temperature setpoint over a large space.

Linear diffusers installed around the showroom ensure an even distribution of air within the extended space, with return air being collected via central grilles.

The Daikin rooftop combines both indoor and outdoor sides in a single package, with only the ductwork requiring connection on site.

The system delivers a high all year round seasonal efficiency thanks to inverter compressors. The system installed at Desco integrates fresh air provision in the unit. Depending on the application and climatic conditions, up to 100% fresh air can be provided during free cooling operation.