We believe that climate control should be simple, intuitive, smart and energy efficient.

Whether you are looking for a solution for your home or for your business, we offer a variety of systems that will help you take control of your climate and provide optimal comfort.

Explore the Daikin apps

Take control of your climate from any location. Simply connect your unit to Wi-Fi and download the app. Available for iOS and Android, you can change the thermostat, set temperature schedules, review your energy consumption.

Ваш дім

Your home

This screen provides you with an overview of your home. From here you can access all of the features and can centrally control up to 50 units at once.

Individual rooms

Adjust the temperature, operating mode, air purification and fans for individual rooms with the interactive thermostat.

Окремі приміщення
Програмований таймер

Time scheduling

Create different schedules with up to 6 actions a day for 7 days, and activate specific operation modes.

Energy usage

Monitor your energy consumption to increase your savings. User-friendly graphs and icons help you see where you can save.

Якщо це, то

If this, then that

Programme your unit to reflect your lifestyle. For example: If you leave your house, then your heating will turn off.

Smart building management

With Daikin, building management has never been easier. We offer a variety of climate control systems to help you manage your building’s energy consumption efficiently and optimise your comfort.

Моніторинг кількох об'єктів

Multi-site control

Centralise the control of your various climate zones by connecting your intelligent Tablet Controller to our Daikin Cloud.

  • Simultaneously monitor and benchmark multiple locations to reduce high energy consumption
  • Connect to the Daikin Cloud and access your units from any location at any time
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface guarantees easy climate control
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized commercial applications
Система управління будівлею

Building Management System

Our intuitive and user-friendly intelligent Touch Manager integrates seamlessly with 3rd party equipment, so that you can control your climate, lighting, alarms and more with a single interface.

  • Monitor your energy consumption, optimise your energy use and reduce your energy costs
  • Modular design allows you to match the Intelligent Touch Manager to your building’s size and needs
  • Integrate with our Daikin i-Net for 24/7 remote monitoring to keep your Daikin system running smoothly and efficiently
  • Easy-to-use energy data trending and analytic tools leading to savings of up to 15%
  • Ideal for medium to large commercial applications
Системи індивідуального керування

Individual control systems

Individual control systems allow you to control your climate directly with user-friendly interfaces and scheduling functions.

  • Intuitive interfaces make controlling your climate easy
  • Contemporary designs blend in seamlessly with your interior
Управління з використанням хмарних технологій

Cloud controls

Remote monitoring, control and service for commercial and industrial cooling, heating and ventilation systems.

  • Monitor and control your building no matter where you are
  • Manage multiple sites. Modular concept allows your cloud to grow with your business
  • Helps you reduce energy costs and increase the lifetime of your equipment
Проводовий пульт дистанційного керування Madoka

Madoka wired remote controller

  • Intuitive touch button control
  • Sleek, compact design in 3 colors to match any interior design
  • Easily set advanced settings via the app or visual interface
  • Easy to use interface