Breathe in air that is clean and healthy

Daikin air purifiers minimise asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust particles and pollen from your air, and keep you healthy by filtering airborne bacteria and viruses.

Humidity is essential for healthy skin

The Ururu Air Purifier's slim water tank infuses moisture into the air when it is too dry, and keeps you from fighting dry hands or waking up with a scratchy throat.

Keep your air fresh

Our air purifiers control odours, so that your home always smells fresh and clean.

Five layers of clean air with our Streamer Technology Air Purifier

Технологія Streamer

Simultaneous humidification and purification with our Ururu Air Purifier

Water in the tank flows into the receiver tray housing the water wheel, which lifts the water as it rotates and releases it onto the filter. Air blown onto the filter absorbs its moisture and discharges it into the room as humidification.