Energy efficient

Our Daikin chillers use advanced heat pump and inverter technologies, and optional heat recovery to optimise the unit’s performance and manage energy consumption, running costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The heat pump technology uses renewable energy sources to save energy and cut costs. The inverter technology enables the unit to work at partial capacity, which reduces your energy consumption, running costs and CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

Made for you

With more than 150 different options, such as extra pumps, sound-proof systems, options for transportation, heat recovery, rapid restart and more, it is easy to customise your chiller to your application, environment and needs. We always work with you to deliver a solution that satisfies your requirements.

Справжня надійність

Total reliability

With our zero-defect policy in place, all of our units are factory-tested to assure you the highest quality operation. Each unit component is carefully structured to endure even the most demanding situations.

Unique technologies

Each Daikin unit is engineered with the latest technologies. Because we develop everything in-house, we are able to continuously improve our products and technologies, such as our Daikin Inverter Screw Compressor, and our heat exchanger and condensing coil technologies.

Унікальні технології
Холодильні машини з повітряним охолодженням

Air-cooled chillers

  • Ideal for small, medium-sized and large applications
  • Outdoor installation
  • Energy efficient
  • Choose cooling-only or heat pump
  • Select units equipped with inverter technology
  • Choose between a swing, scroll or screw compressor
Холодильні машини з водяним охолодженням

Water-cooled chillers

  • Ideal for medium-sized and large applications
  • Indoor installation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Choose cooling-only or cooling/heating-only
  • Select units equipped with inverter technology
  • Choose between a scroll, screw or centrifugal compressor

EWAT-B Chiller Series

A new generation of air cooled scroll chillers with environmental-friendly R-32 refrigerant.

Холодильні машини серії EWAT-B
Багатоцільовий блок EWYD-4Z повітря-вода

EWYD-4Z Air to water Multipurpose unit

4-pipe system solution with full inverter technology for independent and simultaneous cooling and heating all year round

DZ Chiller Series

Centrifugal oil free inverter water cooled chiller range that incorporates a number of advanced technology features that are unique in the market.

Серія холодильних машин DZ

Chiller selection software

Take advantage of our chiller selection software to visualise your own customised chiller solution that suits your needs and location.

  • Quickly create new projects, open and change existing projects or simply use the quick selection
  • Print or download technical selection reports in several formats
  • Access the tool from any location via any device
Програма вибору холодильних машин
Дистанційне управління та моніторинг холодильних і вентиляційних установок від Daikin

Daikin’s remote monitoring and control for chiller plants and air handling units

Using Daikin’s remote monitoring results in optimum use and costs over the system’s entire lifetime while increasing efficiency and reliability.

iCM intelligent Chiller Manager for chiller plant rooms

Optimise the performance and increase the reliability of your chiller plant room with our factory-engineered system control. iCM helps you reduce energy costs and increase the lifetime of your equipment.

Інтелектуальній засіб керування холодильною машиною iCM intelligent Chiller Manager для парку холодильних машин
Рішення для змінних потреб у охолодженні та спеціальних заходів

Daikin Rental Services – Chillers

  • Solutions for cooling emergencies
  • Standby cooling for critical applications and processes