• Like-for-like R-410A installation flexibility , allowing indoor unit installation in rooms with a minimum surface down to 10m2!

  • Sound pressure down to 39 dB(A) thanks to 5 low sound steps to suit the application
  • Automatic ESP setting up to 45 Pa to allow ducting
  • Intuitive online and voice control
  • Interfaces with home control systems
  • Variable Refrigerant Temperature for optimal comfort
  • Specially designed new 10 class indoor unit for small, well-insulated rooms

Next generation VRV

New asymmetric fan design

  • Two high ESP settings
  • Low sound levels

Specially designed grille

  • Low pressure drop
  • No risk for accidental reach of the fan

Unique 3-row heat exchanger

  • Contributes to top seasonal efficiency

Unique Daikin swing compressor

  • No abrasion possible
  • No refrigerant leak possible
  • High seasonal efficiencies

Compact dimensions

  • Easy to transport thanks to compact size and single-fan design

New casing design with 4 handles for easy carrying

Refrigerant cooled PCB

With integrated:

  • cool/heat selector input
  • 7-segment display for quicker and more precise error and setting reading

New stop valves

  • Repositioned to allow front or side connection
  • Brazed for increased reliability
Variable Refrigerant Temperaturegerant Temperature
  • Invented by Daikin, our Variable Refrigerant Technology automatically adapts the refrigerant temperature to the load for optimal user comfort, and increases seasonal efficiency by up to 28% when compared to other solutions

  • Our signature auto-cleaning units increase savings by up to 50% when compared to standard cassettes and concealed ceiling units

  • Innovative heat recovery system reuses energy more efficiently for comfort heating and cooling, and hot water production

  • Precise multi-zone control allows you to control different floors and rooms individually to reduce overall energy consumption

  • Heat and cool your building using renewable energy from the ground

  • By choosing Daikin you have the best partner for your green building and sustainability certifications, such as BREEAM, LEED, etc.

Truly efficient

  • High seasonal efficiency
  • Measured with indoor units used in real applications

Engineered to provide comfort

With multi-zone control, you can precisely manage the climate of different floors and rooms. The intelligent presence and floor sensors direct air away from you to create the perfect airflow, while the Variable Refrigerant Temperature prevents draughts. Designed with whisper quiet technology, your VRV runs so quietly that you forget it is even there.

Quality products and people

Our zero-defect policy means that we repeatedly test each unit during production to ensure that it runs perfectly for years to come. We also have the largest support network available so that a certified Daikin technician is always ready to help you.