Daikin has recently supplied two R-32 EWAT-B- chillers in a Hotel in Porto, Portugal. The two units were installed as a replacement of two old chillers which were no longer able to meet the needs of the hotel both in terms of reliability and energy efficiency.

Products Installed:

 2x EWAT-B-

Total cooling capacity: 400 kW

 About the products and the project

 The two R-32 chillers by Daikin have been recently installed to provide chilled water to fan coils placed in the whole facility.

The two units have been chosen to replace the old ones with more reliable chillers, as the old ones could not properly meet the needs of the facility, forcing the client to constantly face insufficient cooling issues.

Most importantly, Daikin managed to offer more efficient chillers than the ones previously installed, also increasing the sustainability of the HVAC plant serving the hotel.

 More about the product installed

 HVAC systems for hotels are typically required to create the best possible comfort for guests with reliable and efficient technologies.

Customer experience is a priority for any hotel, and that should be no surprise as customer experience is what the hospitality industry is all about.

Daikin as a brand, of course is globally recognized as a symbol of great reliability, no matter the chiller type. But reliability was not the only aspect in the project.

Sustainability, for instance, has been ensured with units from the Bluevolution Series, a line of products featuring the low GWP (675) R-32 refrigerant, which not only is a sustainable refrigerant for the inherent chemical characteristics, but also guarantees very high energy efficiency levels when used in a thoroughly optimized chiller design.

The EWAT-B chiller in fact, stands out for providing the great efficiency levels and very low direct and indirect CO2 emission levels, which makes the EWAT-B-Chiller a great environmentally friendly choice.


Besides efficiency and environmentally friendliness, quiet operations, reduced footprint were also features greatly appreciated, which made the Daikin units a great choice for the project.