RZAG-A / NV1 / NY1

RZAG-A / NV1 / NY1

Product specifications

  • Top efficiency: – Energy labels up to A++ in both cooling and heating – compressor offers substantial efficiency improvements

  • Choosing for an R-32 product, reduces the environmental impact with 68% compared to R-410A, leads directly to lower energy consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency and has a lower refrigerant charge

  • Suits high sensible, infrastructure cooling applications

  • Replace existing systems with R-32 technology without needing to replace the piping

  • Guarantees operation in both heating and cooling mode down to -20°C

  • Maximum piping length up to 50m

  • Exclusively offered for pair applications (capacity from 35 up to 60)

This unit can be used in combination with following unit(s)

  • FBA-A(9) / RZAG-A
  • FDXM-F9 / RZAG-A
  • FFA-A9 / RZAG-A
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