UK: A partnership between Daikin UK, Quantum Group and Green Skills Academy will provide heat pump training to teachers and staff at nine Greater Manchester colleges.

The goal is to train 50 heating and plumbing teachers by April 2024, and then develop a dedicated training program to help prepare the next generation of heat pump installers.

“Our partnership with the Green Skills Academy will provide staff and college teachers with the tools they need to upskill the next generation of heat pump installers and help fill the existing gap in installers,” said Daikin UK head of product and training Martin Passingham.

The five day course will include the General Services Administration (GSA) LCL Awards Level 3 Installation and Servicing of Air Source Heat Pump Systems, as well as Daikin All-in-One Level 1 Installation and Daikin Altherma Level 3.2 Commissioning Certificate, provided by Daikin.

It will provide college staff with the qualifications and knowledge to launch and deliver a first-of-its-kind low carbon heating technician apprenticeship program at colleges including Hopwood College, Trafford College and Oldham College from September 2024.

“Our Green Skills Academy was established in 2023 to play a key role in overcoming the biggest barrier we face across the UK to achieving net zero, by training the workforce to overcome skills shortages,” commented Roosevelt Alexander. Director of Green Skills. Academy at the Growth Company.

“In Greater Manchester alone we need an additional 3,000 heat pump installers by 2027 and this can only be achieved by providing training support that the trainers themselves can pass on to the next generation of the workforce.”

Last year, Daikin Europe signed a partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority to create a test bed for zero-emission technologies and services in public buildings, including social housing.

Part of the agreement was that Daikin would also address the human resource shortage for HVACR technology and installation in the UK, including developing training programs with schools and job centers in Greater Manchester, as well as creating a formal qualifications system.