GERMANY: Five Daikin screw inverter chillers totalling 3,450kW and running on low GWP refrigerant R1234ze have been employed in the new Engelbert Strauss CI factory in Germany.

The gigantic production site of the professional clothing and footwear manufacturer, in Schlüchtern, near Frankfurt, opened last year. In total, it has an area of 90,000m2, almost 55,000m2 of which required air conditioning.

Five Daikin EWAH-TZ-B chillers were installed, all of them running on R1234ze, which has a low global warming potential of 7.

Four chillers on the roof, each providing 820kW of cooling capacity, ensure efficient air conditioning to the logistics and the production processes areas. The arrangement of the chillers using the cascade principle, enables control of the system and activates all or just a part of the chillers in the plant, based on the actual cooling need of the building.

The chillers share the roof-space with an 800kWp photovoltaic system.

An air-cooled EWAH-TZ-B chiller providing 170kW of cooling is used for the server rooms in the factory.