BELGIUM: Daikin Europe has announced the next generation All Seasons Perfera R32 air conditioner, with redesigned indoor and outdoor units making them easier to install and use.

Daikin claims best-in-class energy performance with SEER up to 9.47 and SCOP up to 5.20. The noise level is reduced to 19 dBA.

Air flows have been optimized to provide all-round comfort in both cooling and heating modes. The new double flap provides the Comfort Plus function: a precise angle that narrows the air flow path, increasing air speed. This pushes air upward, redirecting cool air away from occupants, eliminating drafts and ensuring corners are evenly illuminated in winter and summer.

You can choose the 3D airflow option, which combines vertical and horizontal automatic swinging for large spaces.

A dual-zone motion sensor checks adjacent rooms and directs air away from occupants. When an empty room is detected, the system automatically puts the system into power saving mode. It also has a special temperature boost function, which Daikin says allows it to reach the set temperature 14% earlier than traditional systems. There is also a night mode.

The new range has been expanded to provide further configuration flexibility, now offering six powers ranging from 1.5 to 5 kW. The new 5kW class has been designed to fit into the same standard units as smaller units.

Settings can be changed or scheduled using the included infrared remote control or the Daikin Onecta app. Voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa is also possible to provide intuitive control over settings and allow users to monitor energy consumption online.

Daikin’s built-in flash streamer technology – titanium apatite deodorizing filter and silver allergen filter – removes dust, allergens and odors. A new feature of the All Seasons Perfera is a washable static filter treated with an active ionic agent to trap, reduce and remove bacteria and viruses.