EUROPE: Daikin Applied is set to launch a new addition to its Bluevolution portfolio of R32 products –  the R32 Small Inverter Chiller.

Manufactured entirely in Daikin’s factory in Cecchina, Italy, in sizes from from 16kW to 91kW, the R32 Small Inverter Chiller is planned to launch in November 2021.

In addition to a modular control system, the new heat pump also has 100% speed control for all scroll compressors, fan motors and the optional pump.

The new chillers are suitable for various cooling and heating requirements with flow temperatures of +60°C for heating or -15°C in cooling mode. SEERs are up to 5.4 and SCOPs to 4.1.

It can also switch between standard and boost mode. In boost mode, the chiller avoids over-sizing by achieving an above-average performance at increased compressor speed in order to buffer any peak loads.

A duct connection is available to increase installation possibilities, eg in inner-city locations or underground garages. It can also provide domestic water heating.

In addition to the environmental benefits of using a lower GWP refrigerant, the use of R32 in the Small Inverter Chiller has enabled an optimised arrangement of the heat exchangers has made the chiller particularly compact, reducing the required installation area.