GERMANY: Daikin Germany announced the launch this month of a new Daikin CO2-ZEAS inverter controlled condensing unit for medium and low temperature applications.

The CO2-ZEAS range presented at Chillventa in October includes three models with a nominal cooling capacity of 19-32 kW and a deep-freeze capacity of 11-17 kW. The cooling capacity can be increased with the Daikin Q-Up module.

As a transcritical inverter controlled compact multi-component system equipped with three Daikin twin rotary compressors and intelligent capacity control, the new CO2-ZEAS is suitable for a wide range of applications in conventional and low temperature refrigeration (evaporating temperature -40°C to +5°C).

The units use a Daikin dual acting compressor specially designed for CO2 operation. The 69.5% isentropic efficiency compressor is claimed to make the CO2-ZEAS a very efficient machine. At the same time, the highly efficient compressor technology has a very low sound pressure level and takes up little space.

The CO2-ZEAS includes a standard Daikin heat recovery circuit for easy on-site connection of a heat recovery unit. In addition, the standard built-in heat exchanger for the “high temperature kit” and liquid subcooling guarantee safe and efficient year-round operation in a wide range of temperature zones with ambient temperatures from -20°C to +43°C.

Daikin claims that with a ready-to-use factory-configured controller, the CO2-ZEAS is practically a plug and play device. The company also claims its free design software Refrigeration-Xpress makes project planning easy, intuitive and time-saving.