JAPAN: Daikin Japan is to incorporate a number of new developments in its commercial air conditioners, including flare-less mechanical joints, refrigerant leak detection and a number of energy efficiency measures.

The new developments are to be included in Daikin’s VRV, SkyAir and machi Multi units.

Daikin’s flare-less joint is a mechanical connection designed to improve installation quality. The joint is completed by inserting the refrigerant pipe and tightening it with a wrench, so there is no need for flare processing, or special tools.

It consists of four parts: nut, sleeve, inner-core, and O-ring. When tightened, the inner-core part is pushed, and the claw part of the sleeve bites into the pipe, resulting in a metal seal and airtightness. Two O-rings prevent water from entering and prevent refrigerant leakage.

The flare-less joint is said to have passed 11 performance evaluation tests, including airtightness, tensile tests, and bending tests stipulated in ISO14903 and Japan’s Copper Centre standard JCDA0012.

Leak detection

While refrigerant leak detection has been included in Daikin’s European manufactured units for some years, this facility will now be included as standard on Japanese-manufactured VRV, SkyAir and machi Multi units. It uses IoT to diagnose and record refrigerant leaks on a daily basis and can notify the administrator by email.

The new models will be released in stages from October 2021.