Daikin has invested in Atomis, a Japanese start-up company from Kyoto University that is developing organic compounds for refrigerant recovery.

The work uses porous coordination polymers (PCPs), also called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). They are described as “porous materials” with countless nanosized pores forming a regular, continuous three-dimensional structure of metals and organic compounds. The lattice pore space can be freely designed, and by changing the size, shape, and characteristics of the pores, only certain gas molecules can be adsorbed and separated.

Daikin has been partnering with Atomis since 2020, applying Atomis advanced gas control technologies to separate and recover the refrigerant gas recovered from air conditioners.

Atomis will use the funds raised through a third party offering of new shares to speed up this process and expand its manufacturing process to mass-produce MOFs. Daikin will promote the use of MOF in the refrigerant recovery process at its chemical plants in an effort to improve the accuracy and speed of removing contaminants from refrigerants.