JAPAN: An industrial high-temperature heat pump water chiller developed by Daikin has won an award at the Japan Energy Conservation Awards.

Jizai Heat has a heating capacity of 30 kW and uses a dual refrigerant circuit to produce hot water with temperatures up to 80°C.

It is said to be suitable for use in a variety of manufacturing processes requiring high temperature water, such as the drying process of paint equipment in factories, heating cleaning fluids and concentrated distillation in chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

The unit received the Energy Conservation Center Chairman’s Award at the Japan Energy Conservation Awards 2023, which recognizes domestic enterprises that promote excellent energy conservation activities and promote the dissemination of energy conservation knowledge.

Jizai Heat units were used by Daikin on the painting line at the Rinkai air conditioning plant, where they were said to have reduced annual CO2 emissions by approximately 86% and operating costs by approximately 82%.

The dual refrigerant circuit reduces the compressor outlet gas temperature and eliminates the risk of refrigeration oil carbonation and equipment failure.

The use of a plate heat exchanger ensures a stable supply of high-temperature water at high flow rates without increasing the power of the hot water pump.