Daikin Applied Europe has extended Daikin’s Loop (L∞P) scheme for refrigerant recovery, reclamation and reuse to R134a chillers.

The Loop programme, which aims to create a circular economy of refrigerants, was first launched by Daikin Europe in 2019 and covers all VRV air conditioning units. The scheme has now been adopted by Daikin Applied Europe to include R134a chillers.

Daikin Applied Europe uses a mix of reclaimed and virgin refrigerant to charge new chillers. The scheme covers the EWAD-TZ inverter screw air cooled cooling-only chillers, EWAD-T- screw fixed speed air cooled cooling-only chillers, EWYD-4Z B multipurpose inverter screw units, EWYD-BZ inverter screw air source heat pumps, EWWD-VZ water cooled inverter screw chillers, EWWD-DZ oil free centrifugal chillers and DWSC/DWDC oil-based centrifugal units.

Under the scheme, Daikin recovers refrigerants from existing systems through its installer network, upcycles and reclaims them to virgin quality.

The programme ensures the continued availability of R134a, avoids its environmentally and financially costly end-of-life destruction and, being reclaimed product, is not included in the European F-gas quota system.