BELGIUM: The Daikin EWYT-CZ R32 series of small inverter heat pumps has been upgraded with new features to improve their applicability for heating residential buildings.

Initially launched in 2021, the R32 range of small inverters has been upgraded with new features to work in combination with, for example, Daikin Altherma indoor heat pumps or traditional boilers and electric heaters. It is claimed that various configuration options allow the development of a system that provides comfortable heating and hot water with greater energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

In bivalent mode, EWYT-CZ can now connect and communicate with one or more boilers connected in series with a heat pump separated via a heat exchanger or hydraulic separator. This configuration maximizes heat pump performance while reducing the use of gas boilers.

In a water loop cascade configuration, small inverter heat pumps can be connected to Daikin Altherma high temperature indoor heat pumps to supply constant temperature water to indoor units located in different residential units. This configuration allows residents of flats or flats, for example, to enjoy a dedicated system capable of meeting all needs – cooling, heating and hot water.

When DHW is on, EWYT-CZ activates a digital output to control an external heater. When using a heat pump as the main hot water heater, an external heater provides possible adjustments. In this configuration, it is also possible to install a water tank up to 50 m away from a small inverter heat pump.

The EWYT-CZ series is available in heating and cooling power ranges from 16 to 90 kW.