JAPAN: Daikin is said to have entered into a capital alliance with a Japanese startup company developing a roof material with integrated solar panels and a home energy management system.

Tokyo-based Monochrome Co Ltd says it will raise funds from Daikin through a third-party allotment of capital. Together with Daikin, it will develop energy generation systems and control systems, as well as air conditioning equipment and Ohisama EcoCute heat pump water heaters.

Daikin’s capital participation in Monochrome is said to be aimed at building a strategic partnership that will enable Monochrome to realise energy management and home device control for the entire home with a single system.

Established in July 2021 by founder Yusuke Umeda, Monochrome is a startup company developing energy systems for residential homes. In 2023, the company began sales of the energy-generating roof Roof-1 and energy management system Home-1.

Roof–1 is a metal roof material with integrated solar panels. Home–1 provides the status of solar power generation and power consumption at a glance and can control home equipment from a wall-mounted touch panel and/or a dedicated smartphone app.

The equipment collaboration will utilise Monochrome’s software development capabilities and energy data for each house, and Daikin’s air conditioning equipment technology with Ohisama EcoCute to generate surplus electricity from solar power generation.

Ohisama EcoCute normally uses late-night electricity to heat water, but by linking with Home-1, it would be possible to operate in a way that makes more effective use of surplus power from solar power generation.