EUROPE: Daikin has completely redesigned its Rooftop Series for operation with the lower GWP refrigerant R32.

The new R32 range is said to offer a “significantly increased efficiency” compared to the current R410A models.

The units are available in capacities up to 190kW in four different versions to include fresh air, extraction and heat recovery options. The base installation option requires no additional piping and offers immediate plug and play connectivity, providing air re-circulation. A two-damper version additionally comes with integrated fresh air, while the three-damper model also provides air extraction, together with thermodynamic heat recovery. Leading the range is the premium four-damper version, additionally featuring a plate heat exchanger to recover waste heat in the most efficient way. Free cooling with up to 100% fresh air possible delivers improved air quality with energy savings.

Conceived as a ‘plug and play’ solution, the Daikin Rooftop Series are factory-charged with refrigerant.

Employing inverter-controlled scroll compressors on most of the range, the Rooftop Series also incorporates an integrated high efficiency EC plug fan with a static pressure from 350Pa up to 850Pa. The robust design of the unit with its 25mm double-skinned panels also minimises noise.

Integrating the new R32 Rooftop Series with existing building management systems is achieved via BACnet or Modbus protocol or into Daikin’s own BMS system, the intelligent Touch Manager.

The new series is in standard versions for rapid delivery or as special orders to allow specifiers to customise units to fit exact building needs. The wide range of additional factory-mounted options include auxiliary heat sources such as gas burners, a wide range of filters up to ISO ePM1 85% (F9), steam humidifiers, oversized fans for higher ESP.