USA: Daikin North America is sponsoring the Air Quality Index Report on the US Weather Channel television network.

The Air Quality Index Report provides viewers with air quality forecasts on the network’s morning show, America’s Morning Headquarters.

The Daikin sponsorship will also be extended to Pattrn, the Weather Channel’s climate centric and sustainability platform, through a custom content series titled Clean Air Community.

The new Daikin Air Quality Index Report, running nationally every Monday morning on America’s Morning Headquarters, will track and identify current outdoor air quality across the United States.

On Pattrn, the Daikin’s sponsorship of the Clean Air Community will highlight small acts and changes viewers and followers can make in their daily lives that can have a big impact on the planet. It will highlight Daikin’s focus on the ability to control indoor air quality and the importance of clean air as it relates to both individual health and the environment.

“The awareness of how incredibly important Air Quality truly is to our overall health has dramatically increased over the past year,” said Marc Bellanger, Daikin’s director of marketing and communications. “We wanted to play a part in helping educate and inform everyone as to what their actual local Community Air Quality is, and what that means for daily lives.”

Launched nearly 40 years ago, The Weather Channel television network is the top-rated and most widely distributed weather network in America.