Daikin is set to launch five new residential split system air conditioners in Japan with ventilation and humidification functions.

For the first time, the new models, to be introduced in Japan over the next five months, have the ability to bring in fresh air, ducted from outside.

The first of the new wall-mounted models, Urusara X and Urusara mini, will be released on November 1, followed by cassette and floor standing units at the end of March 2021.

The outside air, drawn in through the condensing unit and sent to the indoor unit via a 4m hose, passes through the heat exchanger together with the air sucked from the room, and is temperature-controlled and delivered to the room.

The ventilation function is controlled from the remote controller or via the Daikin Smart app. The Urusara X is also equipped with a ventilation sensor that detects people in the room and adjusts the ventilation volume accordingly. The ventilation function can also be initiated  automatically by using a Daikin CO2 concentration sensor.

The humidification unit mounted on the outdoor condenser takes in outdoor moisture and supplies it with fresh air to humidify the room while ventilating.