USA: Daikin Applied Americas has acquired majority stakes in two of its current equipment, service and parts representatives – ThermalNetics and TriState HVAC Equipment.

Along with Daikin, both companies represent a wide range of other leading HVAC equipment manufacturers.

Detroit-based ThermalNetics, which has been in the heating and cooling business for 50 years, is an authorised Daikin Applied and VRV representative across eastern Michigan. ThermalNetics president Rick Sutkiewicz will continue to lead the business.

TriState HVAC Equipment delivers technology and support to organisations across the eastern portion of Pennsylvania, as well as southern New Jersey.

The firm has represented Daikin and its predecessor, McQuay, for over 30 years. It now sells both applied and VRV solutions, and handled equipment startup and service since the late 90s. Managing partners Tony Greener and Joe Callahan will remain and run the firm.

“Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions and an exceptional customer experience,” said Mike Schwartz, president and CEO of Daikin Applied. “That means solving today’s challenges with speed and agility, and having a long-term roadmap to continue to support customers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment and buildings. With ThermalNetics and TriState as part of the Daikin Group, we have the people, technology and structure to evolve with our customers.”