Daikin has recently supplied 4 centrifugal chillers that will be installed on a world-cruising ship. The project is part of the ship operator’s efforts to improve energy efficiency and ensure reliable and efficient cooling on board.

About the products installed

The DWSC range by Daikin managed to meet both the cooling capacity, the efficiency and the low environmental impact needs in this project.

The units form this range stand out not only for the high capacity provided and low energy consumption, not only thanks to the in-house developed centrifugal compressor and overall optimized unit design, but also thanks to the Daikin inverter integrated in the electrical panel of the unit.

In fact, the inverter will help to constantly adapt units’ energy consumption to the actual cooling needs of the area served by the installation, avoiding energy waist.

More about the project

The four 2800 kW centrifugal chillers will ensure that the ship’s passengers and crew are comfortable and cool, while also helping to lower the ship’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

One of the main drivers for choosing Daikin’s chillers was energy efficiency, which is achieved through the use of the free cooling option available with the DWSC range. This means that the chillers can make use of the favorable outdoor conditions to cool the ship’s interior spaces, reducing the energy required to run the cooling system. This not only saves energy and reduces costs, but also helps to lower the ship’s carbon footprint.

Another key driver for selecting Daikin’s chillers was their reliability. The design of the DWSC range ensures a high level of performance and durability, even in harsh environments. Additionally, Daikin’s chillers have been designed and tested to meet the demanding requirements of the maritime industry, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of prolonged use at sea.

Furthermore, Daikin’s reputation of providing the best service and support also played a role in their selection. The company offers a wide network of post-sales support, guaranteeing a fast response time and a high level of customer service.