USA: A team of professional skydivers have dismantled a Midea air conditioning unit whilst in free-fall from 4,500m.

The Chinese manufacturer boasts that its recently launched All Easy Pro split air conditioner can be disassembled in less than one minute by removing just one screw.

In an extreme move to prove the product’s innovative design and its easy-to-disassemble feature, the brand partnered with award-winning aerial photo-cinematographer Craig O’Brien and a team of professional skydivers to take on an industry-first challenge: disassemble the All Easy Pro within one minute while skydiving at 200km/h.

The challenge in Borrego Springs, California, yesterday, was witnessed around the world via live stream on Facebook and YouTube.

At an altitude of 4,500m, the team successfully disassembled the All Easy Pro within a one-minute free fall after jumping off the plane.