EUROPE: Prices of higher GWP refrigerants rose significantly in 2021, with R134a, in particular, up by 15% on average across the supply chain.

The latest figures are contained in the European refrigerant price monitoring survey for Q4 2021, compiled by Öko-Recherche on behalf of DG Clima.

Price increases were smaller for lower GWP alternatives, but most prominent for R513A (+10%), R450A (+9%) and R448A/R449A (+7%) from Q1/2021 to Q4/2021, according to information supplied from 10 gas distributors across Europe.

Average purchase prices of alternative refrigerants reported by 10 gas distributors

In addition to the effects of the reduced quota supply in 2021, increased freight and transport costs and reduced production volumes by non-EU suppliers due to shortages in the supply of raw materials, are also blamed.

The Öko-Recherche report also finds that international regulatory pressure on US HFC production volumes appears to be having an affect on European refrigerant prices. 

Compared to prices in 2014, prior to the phase down, prices of R134a, R404A and R410A are 2x to 7x higher depending on the supply chain level. At the lower end, R134a is 2x to 3x higher, while the biggest rises have been seen for R404A, up 3x to 7x.