Product specifications

  • Covers all thermal needs of a building via a single point of contact: accurate temperature control, ventilation, hot water, air handling units and Biddle air curtains

  • Wide range of indoor units: possibility to combine VRV with stylish indoor units (Daikin Emura, Nexura, …)

  • Incorporates VRV IV standards & technologies: Variable Refrigerant Temperature, continuous heating, VRV configurator, 7 segment display and full inverter compressors, 4-side heat exchanger, refrigerant cooled PCB, new DC fan motor

  • Customize your VRV for best seasonal efficiency & comfort with the weather dependant Variable Refrigerant Temperature function. Increased seasonal efficiency with up to 28%. No more cold draft by supply of high outblow temperatures

  • Continuous comfort: Unique continuous heating technology makes VRV IV the best alternative to traditional heating systems

  • VRV configurator software for the fastest and most accurate commissioning, configuration and customisation

  • Outdoor unit display for quick on-site settings and easy read out of errors together with the indication of service parameters for checking basic functions.

  • Free combination of outdoor units to meet installation space or efficiency requirements

  • Fits any building as also indoor installation is possible as a result of high external static pressure of up to 78.4 Pa. Indoor installation leads to less piping length, lower installation costs, increased efficiency and better visual aesthetics

  • Simplified installation & guaranteed optimal efficiency with automatic charging & testing

  • Easy compliance with F-gas regulation thanks to automated refrigerant containment check

  • Wide piping flexibility: 30m indoor height difference, maximum piping length: 190m, total piping length: 1,000m

  • The ability to control each conditioned zone individually keeps VRV system running costs to an absolute minimum

  • Spread your installation cost by phased installation

  • Keep your system in top condition via the Daikin Cloud Service: 24/7 monitoring for maximum efficiency, extented lifetime and immediate service support thanks to failure prediction

  • Available as heating only by irreversible field setting