Product specifications

  • Optimised design for R-32 refrigerant

  • Compact dimensions, can easily be mounted in a ceiling void of only 240mm

  • Medium external static pressure up to 44Pa facilitates unit use with flexible ducts of varying lengths

  • Discretely concealed in the wall: only the suction and discharge grilles are visible

  • Auto cleaning filter option ensures maximum efficiency, comfort and reliability by regular filter cleaning

  • 15 class unit especially developed for small or well-insulated rooms, such as hotel bedrooms, small offices, etc.

  • Multi zoning kit allows multiple individually-controlled climate zones to be served by one indoor unit

  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to specially developed DC fan motor

  • Flexible installation, as the air suction direction can be altered from rear to bottom suction

  • Standard drain pump with 750mm lift increases flexibility and installation speed