BRC1H519W / BRC1H519S / BRC1H519K

BRC1H519W / BRC1H519S / BRC1H519K

Product specifications

  • Sleek and elegant design, available in 3 colours to match any interior design

  • Symbol driven end user interface with intuitive touch button control

  • Intuitive app for setting schedules & energy saving functions or monitoring for advanced users & technical managers and to provide easy & time saving commissioning for installers

  • Energy saving thanks to key card/window contact integration, set point limitation and flexible setback function, while ensuring guest or tenant comfort

  • Cost-effective solution for infrastructure cooling applications with embedded duty rotation and back-up operation

  • Functions focus on basic customer needs: ON/OFF, temperature, mode, fan speed, louvres, filter

  • Compact, only 85x85mm, builts-in easily in standard electical installation boxes

  • Automatic summer/winter time adjustment