Daikin is no stranger to providing highly efficient HVAC technology for an airport project. This time, the facility involved was an International Airport based in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa.

Units installed:  4x EWAD-T-B

For this project the clients requested a witnessed performance test of the units, which was carried out from remote due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

We had the chance during the tests to talk with Mr Adeilton Ferreira – project coordinator for the contractor handling the HVAC system and everything relates to it. Here what he told us about the project:

“The Kumasi airport is a 5000 sqm International Airport in Kumasi, in Ghana. Being an International Airport, it has to follow all the requirements International Airports have. It is based in the West of Africa, where we reach high temperature. That is why temperature control is very important. we need to maintain the indoor temperature in the airport at 24/25 degrees C°, as it is very important to ensure passenger are comfortable at all times.

The HVAC system includes air-cooled screw compressor chillers and fan coils. The most important aspect for this project is definitely energy efficiency, as it is important for the airport operators the energy consumptions are kept as low as possible.

Daikin technology was chosen exactly for this reason. It was the solution that best met the requirements of this project. Another important aspect was the integration with our BMS, which is heavily used to ensure all the systems in the airport run as efficiently as possible.

The test, then, is another important aspect. We really need to ensure the units chosen will deliver the performance we expect and the parameters we need. Being able to assess the performance of the chillers today will allow us to proceed with our plan with no issues or delays”.