BELGIUM: Daikin Europe has announced an upgrade to its Altherma 3 air-to-water heat pump, to include remote control, voice control assistance and a redesigned outdoor unit casing.

The Altherma 3 R can be controlled from anywhere with the Daikin Residential Controller application that includes the voice control assistance thanks to links with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Daikin has also improved the outdoor unit casing, simplifying the installation and maintenance of the unit.

Launched at the beginning of 2018, Daikin’s Altherma 3 line was the first air-to-water heat pump to use lower GWP refrigerant R32.

Three different indoor units are offered: Altherma 3 R F floor-standing unit with integrated domestic hot water tank; Altherma 3 R W wall-mounted unit, which can also be combined with a thermal store; and the Altherma 3 R ECH2O, with solar connection and ECH2O  integrated tank.

The new A+++ models boast a COP of 5.1 and provides frost protection down to -25°C.