Kyoto University president, Nagahiro Minato, agrees the deal with Daikin president and CEO Masanori Togawa

JAPAN: Daikin will contribute JPY5bn (US$45m) to its collaboration with Kyoto University over the next 10 years.

The new agreement builds on an restructures agreements made between Daikin and Kyoto University in 2013 and will centre on five programmes.

In the light of the Covid19 pandemic, this will include research in the fields of air/ventilation and healthcare and joint research on advanced technologies connected to energy, materials, architecture and the cold chain.

The collaboration will also include the participation in the Kyoto University Smart Techno Campus Project as a means to verify the efficient operation of air conditioning with zero CO2 emissions and cutting-edge smart cities.

With air conditioning demand predicted to triple by 2050, particularly in Asia and Africa, Daikin will utilise the experience and knowledge of Kyoto University’s Asia and Africa Regional Research Department to formulate a roadmap for the concept of air conditioning culture and the spread of air conditioning.

Finally, Daikin will seek cooperation with venture companies from Kyoto University focusing on the fields of healthcare, materials, and energy.