Air conditioning manufacturer Daikin has been named as one of the top Japanese companies using data and digital technologies to transform its business.

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange selected Daikin as a Digital Transformation (DX) Brand 2020.

The DX brand recognises companies that use data and digital technologies to transform products, services, and business models, and fundamentally reforms operations, organisations, and processes to establish a competitive advantage.

A total of 35 DX issue 2020 companies were selected, along with 21 DX notable companies, from across all industries.

Daikin has identified IoT and AI technology as a means to provide air conditioning with high added value to society, and is one of the main themes in its strategic management plan Fusion 20.

The company has established a collaborative platform called CRESNECT under which it works with a number of partner companies to use data gathered from air conditioners to study how to improve office productivity and maintain worker health. The first project, Point 0 Marunouchi, was established last year to realise the office of the future.

Other initiatives have included the creation of the Daikin Information Technology University, an air conditioner subscription business in Africa that enables users to pay a daily rental via a smartphone app, and support solutions that enable service engineers to receive guidance and advice from experts in remote areas.