BELGIUM: Daikin has extended its use of lower GWP refrigerant R32 with the launch of the Altherma 3 M monobloc heat pump.

The Altherma 3 M – the first Daikin monobloc heat pump to employ R32 – offers higher performances and energy efficiency than its predecessor, along with an improved design.

Its use of one fan, where its predecessor needed two, has contributed to the compact dimensions of 870mm high x 1380mm wide x 460mm deep.

Offered in four models from 9kW to 16kW, the Altherma 3 M can operate down to -25°C outside temperature, and guarantees heating capacities down to -20°C. Exit water temperature is 60°C at -7°C outside temperature.

Said to be capable of blending into different types of homes, in renovations and large new buildings, its design incorporates a black horizontal front grille hiding the single fan and the light grey casing, which reflects the installation space.

In order to make its use more fluid, easy and effective, the Daikin Altherma 3 M is also connected to the updated version of the Daikin Residential Controller app. Thanks to the app, users can manage their heating and cooling systems from their smartphone at home or remotely. The app includes intuitive functions such as a a scheduling programme, a tailor-made control function to control all heating and/or cooling units and a monitoring feature for a clear overview of performance and energy consumption. The renewed version of the app also has a voice control feature with assistants such as Amazon Alexa.