Daikin Europe has added indoor air quality control as an option on its floor-standing Altherma heat pump convector.

The wall-mounted controller continually measures the CO2 in the room. When the CO2 level exceeds a pre-set threshold, the controller automatically opens a damper located in the heat pump convector. The open damper allows fresh air to enter the building from the outside. The incoming fresh air is then heated or cooled to the desired indoor temperature by the heat pump convector.

In this way, Daikin says the convector can provide precise, efficient room heating and cooling with high indoor air quality and better energy efficiency.

The floor standing Daikin Altherma HPC has a depth of only 135 mm that fits any house or apartment. Rewarded with the Reddot Design Award 2020, the unit is said to combine the advantages of residential underfloor heating and radiators.