USA: ASHRAE has updated its HVAC systems guidance for the reopening of buildings to help mitigate the transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

The new Building Readiness Guide from the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force includes additional information and clarifications so that owners can avoid operating their HVAC systems 24/7.

“By rolling out this updated guidance, we are providing a more robust structure for building owners to complete the objectives of their building readiness plan and anticipate the needs of building occupants,” said ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Building Readiness Team lead Wade Conlan.

Specific updated recommendations include pre- and post-occupancy air changes and the operation of energy recovery ventilation systems.

The guidance still addresses the tactical commissioning and systems analysis to develop a building readiness plan, increased filtration, air cleaning strategies, domestic and plumbing water systems, and overall improvements to a systems ability to mitigate virus transmission.

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